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At Ailan Dental Care, we work to offer the best San Jose dental treatment options available for our patients. Our philosophy is always to provide quality treatment by preserving current teeth structures. Whereas some dental practices willingly offer treatments that may be easier at the expense of a tooth structure, we provide treatment that preserves current tooth structures whenever possible because by doing so, we are able to better maintain the overall health of your teeth and the adjacent bone.

dental implants San JoseThe chief reason for using dental implants are that they provide the best means of preserving the bone structure of the mouth. Sometimes through accident or poor dental hygiene, people lose their teeth. To cover the gap left by a missing tooth, a bridge may be installed. In the cases of several missing teeth, dentures may be needed. These methods though popular, are not the healthiest means of treatment available.

The problem with using bridges and dentures without implants is that without an implant, the jawbone may begin to deteriorate. In the area below a bridge, where the tooth root is missing, the jawbone may begin to atrophy. Over time, this will impact the surrounding teeth. In the case of dentures, ill-fitting dentures will not stimulate the bone underneath the gums, again, leading to the atrophy of the jawbone.

With dental implants, there is no risk of the jawbone atrophying. Instead of bonding a replacement tooth to the surrounding teeth as is the case with a bridge, an implant is inserted into the exact spot in the gums where the tooth is missing. This involves a two step process. First, a small metal cylinder is implanted through the gum line and into the jawbone. Over the next six months, the implant and jawbone bond together. Once there is enough bonding, a replacement tooth known as a crown is placed over the implant. The result is a replica of the missing tooth that not only looks natural, but will also preserve the health of the patientís jawbone and surrounding teeth.

For those people who must wear dentures, it is important that the dentures fit securely and are not lose. Ill-fitting dentures will not only cause the jawbone to atrophy, but will cause the jawbone to become misshapen. These effects can be avoided with dental implants. For dentures, implants can be inserted through the gum line and into the jawbone. This serves two purposes:

1) to stimulate the jawbone, thus preventing atrophy
2) the implants will then be used to secure the dentures so that they will not move out of place.

Ailan Dental Care is dedicated to providing the best San Jose implant treatment available. When considering dental implant options, you owe it to yourself to make informed decisions about your upcoming treatment. Take the first step and speak to a member of our helpful staff who will be happy to answer any of your questions and address any concerns you may have.

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